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Valid from April 26, 2022

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Our prices are excl. VAT and we do not charge VAT or other fees.

We offer payment with Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay via Stripe. Stripe is a very secure payment solution.

We can never withdraw a larger amount than what you yourself have ordered. The payment is secure and encrypted across Stripe's payment solution.



At BuySunglasses.eu, as a private customer, you have 14 days of full right of return on all your purchases. Should you regret your purchase, all items can be returned within 14 days from the date you received the item. You then have 14 days to return the item. If you regret your purchase, you must return the item in the same condition and quantity as when you received it and enclose a copy of the invoice. You must also contact us within 14 days of receiving the item, so that we are aware that you will use the right of return. Always make sure to get a confirmation from us and save it. If the item has been used or if the original packaging is not intact, we will, according to the law, calculate how much the item is worth and deposit the remaining amount into your account. You may only try on the item as you would try it on in a store. If the product smells of smoke, has animal hair on it, has stains or anything else that makes the product not new, you cannot get a full refund or no refund at all. You will receive what the item is worth in the condition in which we receive it.

The amount is deposited directly to the card you paid for the order with.

You must pay shipping for items that are returned. In order for you as a customer to be able to document that the item has been returned on time, you must receive a receipt for the shipment. At the same time, the item is your responsibility during transport, and a calculation of the item's value will be made if the item is damaged or unsellable when we receive the package. So make sure to pack the item securely. We do not recommend returning goods by post, as the goods are not insured if they should be lost or broken during transport. Therefore, always send goods back as a package and get a receipt for delivery. Then you have proof of the shipment.

If you have purchased multiple items in one order and only return some products from the order, we will not refund the shipping costs. In this case, you will only receive the amount of the returned item and not the shipping costs.

Packages sent by cash on delivery, will not be received and will be sent back to you as the sender.

Our return address is:


Kildebjergs Agre 120
4632 Bjaeverskov




For exchanges, the same rules apply as for the 14-day right of return.

If you wish to exchange an item, you must return the original item and we will refund the full amount if the item is in perfect condition, as described in the return policy.

You must buy a new item in the webshop as you bought the first item.



If you experience receiving the wrong item, simply return the item to us and we will send you a new item free of charge if we have the item in stock. If the item is sold out, we will refund the full amount to you, unless you want another item. In case of defective goods, the return shipment is of course also free for you. Contact us immediately by writing an email to info@BuySunglasses.eu if you have received a defective item or an incorrect item, and we will help you with how to make a return to us. Remember to send the item as you received it. Including everything that was in the package.



In order for us to approve a complaint, it is of course a condition that the complaint is justified and that the error did not occur because you used the product incorrectly or was caused by other harmful behaviour. It is important to be aware that glitter, pearls, embroidery or other embellishments must be treated with care.

What is a reasonable time? If you make a complaint within 14 days after you have discovered the fault, the complaint is considered timely. An approved complaint also means that we will refund reasonable shipping costs. Reasonable cost is our absolute cheapest shipping cost.

Always contact us before shipping. We may be able to find a solution based on a photo, which means you don't need to send the item to us.



When we state delivery times, they are expected delivery times that we have been informed by the forwarders. BuySunglasses.eu cannot be held responsible for packages that exceed these expected times. During busy periods, it is to be expected that extra delivery time may occur.

If the forwarder does not find anyone at the recipient's address, they deliver the package to a collection point or to a depot. As a recipient, you will be notified of this. It is then the recipient's duty to contact the forwarder regarding delivery or collection of the package. After approx. 7 days (depending on forwarder) they return the package to us. We therefore recommend that you collect the package or contact the forwarder as soon as possible.

Read the exact conditions on the forwarder's website.



You have max. 7 days to collect your package. However, this depends on the forwarder chosen. Please read the terms on the forwarder's website for this information or contact them by telephone.

If you do not collect your package within the forwarder's collection deadline, the package will be returned to us. In this case, you will not get the delivery costs back, as we have already paid the forwarder for the delivery of your package. Therefore, we always recommend that you collect the package as soon as possible if it is at a collection point. Furthermore, it is your duty as a customer to check the deadline for collection from the selected forwarder and to comply with it.

If you want us to send your package again, please contact us.

If you wish to cancel the order, we will transfer the purchase price for the goods, but not for the shipping if the package has already been sent. We will refund the purchase amount to your bank account or to the payment card used for the purchase.

You will receive an e-mail from us if we have received your package.

Please note that uncollected packages are not covered by the right of cancellation!



When you place an order on BuySunglasses.eu, it is not a legally binding agreement. BuySunglasses.eu can cancel the order at any time. Technical problems, delivery problems, stock status errors and similar situations can affect the process. The agreement between you as a customer and us as a seller is only binding when we have notified you that your order has been dispatched.



BuySunglasses.eu cannot be held responsible for any tax changes, price and text errors, technical errors, out-of-stock items and force majeure, including labor disputes and missing or late deliveries from sub-suppliers.

BuySunglasses.eu cannot also be held responsible for deviations in color. on the displayed product images.
Brightness, color settings and screen selection can also affect the correct display of the image.

All material on the website, including text, graphics and logos belong to BuySunglasses.eu.

It is not permitted to copy, download, distribute, publish or otherwise reproduce material without prior agreement with us.

Violation of this may lead to legal action under national and international law.
All rights reserved.



If you want to complain about your purchase, you can write to us at info@BuySunglasses.eu. If we cannot find a solution together, you can complain to the European Commission's online complaints portal: http://ec.europa.eu. This is relevant if you are a consumer from the EU.