What to do if there is a problem with your order?

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Refunds and returns explained further


Complaint handling regarding defective goods

Is your item broken?
It may happen that it is defective or that parts are missing. In that situation, it is important that you contact us.
We will of course be helpful in resolving the complaint. As a consumer, you have 2 years' right to complain.
It is important that you contact us within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. Depending on the extent of the deficiency
you either get the item repaired, exchanged or your money back. Before we can approve a complaint, the complaint must of course be justified and proven that the defect did not arise due to wear and tear, or that you used the product incorrectly, caused or performed other harmful behavior that damaged the product. It is important to be aware that sunglass lenses do not tolerate creams incl. sunscreen, as this can damage the glasses and discolour the frame, and we do not cover damage if the defect is affected by this.
Normal wear and tear is not covered either. We encourage you to ensure that the sunglasses come into contact with sunscreen as little as possible.
Especially the lenses will be damaged by it. Remember to wipe the lenses after use.

You must remember to notify us of the error in your item as soon as you discover it. The complaint must be in our hands
within a reasonable time. What is a reasonable time? If you complain within 2 months, the complaint is considered timely.
An approved complaint also means that we will refund the reasonable cost of shipping (If we have asked you to return it). This is the price of our cheapest return label.
Once we have approved your complaint, we will send you a return label to your email. You must print this out and put it on the package.
Always contact us before sending the item. We may be able to find a solution based on a picture and your information about the problem.


At BuySunglasses.eu you have 14 days full right of return. You have 14 days to cancel your purchase from the day you received your item. If you wish to return your item, you must contact us by writing an e-mail to info@buysunglasses.eu no later than 14 days after you have received your package. Then we know that you will make use of the right of return, and we will contact you with instructions on shipping.
You must pay for the return shipping yourself. We do not offer to pay for this.


If you wish to have the item exchanged for a different colour, model or a completely different item, you can also make use of the 14-day right of return here. However, you must pay for the return shipping yourself. Once we have received the item and processed your return case, we will refund the full amount. Instead, you buy the new item as you wish, just as you did with the previous item. Contact us by e-mail if you wish to exchange your item.

Condition of the goods upon return

We carry out an assessment of impairment if we receive goods that are damaged during transport. We will also carry out an impairment assessment if the goods you sent back smell of smoke, have stains, are damaged, missing original packaging, missing labels, have pet hair on them and other things that make the item unsalable at the original price. If you smoke, do not try the product while smoking or in a room where there is smoke. Also, do not leave the product in a room where there is smoking or other strong smells. We will examine the returned goods and an assessment of impairment will be made. In almost all cases where an item smells of smoke or other strong odors, this will mean that the item cannot be resold and the item is worth €0 and we have to destroy it. In this case, you will not be able to get your money back. When assessing an impairment, we must assess what the item is worth. That is, whether it can be sold at a new price, reduced price or cannot be sold. You will therefore receive an amount that corresponds to the assessment. If we can't resell the item, we can't give you a refund. If we can sell the item at a reduced price, you will receive an amount equal to what the item is worth. With the right of return, you only have to try the product as you would try it in a store.

What about the shipping?

You must notify us that you wish to make use of your right of return by writing to us. No later than 14 days after you have received your package. You then have 14 days to send the item back to us. We recommend that you send the item as a package with insurance. If you send them in a letter / maxi letter, the forwarder / shipping company does not cover if the shipment is lost or damaged. Always get a receipt for submission so that you have proof that the package is in the care of the forwarder. You are responsible for the package as the sender, and if the goods are damaged or the package goes missing, you have the option of claiming compensation from the forwarder. Pack the goods securely in the original packaging incl. everything that was originally included. Also attach your invoice/receipt. Please note that we only cover the absolute cheapest shipping method that we offer ourselves. This means that if you have bought the freight elsewhere, we can only cover the amount up to what our cheapest freight solution costs.

💡 Please note that you must pay for the return shipping yourself if you wish to make use of our 14-day right of return.